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Freedom Firearms | Lamar. MO
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Freedom Firearms
& Tactical

freedom firearm
Who we are

Your local firearm, ammo, and supply shop

You have the right to bear arms and we’re here to help you exercise that right! We have a wide variety of guns, ammunition and accessories available to you. So stop on in and browse our exclusive selection! We have what you need to protect yourself and your family.

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Our Services

We got you covered!

Have some questions? One of our knowledgeable gun techs will answer any questions or concerns you might have. We’ll find a product that works for your needs!

Shooting Range

Day Rates
$20.00 Firearms Rental
$30 FullAuto Rental (With one magazine)
Monthly Memberships (10% off Ammo, Eye & Ear Protection Included)
Single Adult – $39.00
Couples – $49.00
Family – In Household – $59.00
Annual Rates
Single – $300.00 (Savings of $169.00 per year)
Two Adults – $399.00 (Savings of $189.00 per year)
Family – $499.00 (Savings of $209.00 per year)